Monitor/FBT, FBT FBT/Evo Max 2A Super god monitor. Den er kun brugt 5 til 6 gange, og d..

Udgiver: annette o.
Pris: 4.000 kr.
Tel: 20759074,32149074
Adresse: Hyltebjerg alle 2720 Vanløse
Udsigt: 3
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Monitor/FBT, FBT FBT/Evo Max 2A

Super god monitor. Den er kun brugt 5 til 6 gange, og derfor i meget god stand.
FBT Evo max 2A
En handy monitor med meget god lyd.

FBT Maxx 2A (10 inch)
This is an excellent all around choice for either main PA speakers, or as floor monitors. The sound is warm, not harsh, with plenty of low end and midrange detail. Sound quality at medium to moderately high volumes is surprisingly close to my reference Kv2 EX-12 speakers. The FBT Maxx 2A just won’t go as loud or as low. Other lightweight 10 inch speakers to consider in this price range are those made by RCF, who used to make the early Mackie speakers. Recent Mackie speakers have been dissappointing by comparison, as have been the

JBL Eon series.EvoMaxX 2a
400W + 100W RMS 128dB SPL Processed Active Speaker

· 2-way, bi-amplified, bass reflex design cabinet
· 250mm (10”) LF woofer with 50mm (2”) voice coil, custom made for FBT
· 25mm (1”) throat exit B&C HF compression driver
· Frequency response from 58Hz to 20 kHz
· Biamped: 400w RMS LF, 100w RMS HF, Class D power amplifiers with switch mode power supplies
· Digital Signal Processor with 4 Equalization Presets
· Control Panel: features balanced XLR/Jack input and XLR link out, Volume, EQ Presets, HP Filter, 3 status LED indicators
· 90°H x 60°V Constant Directivity Horn
· Sturdy gas-injected polypropylene molded enclosure with one integrated handle and Stage Floor Monitor taper
· 2 x M10 suspension points, 35mm (1?”) top-hat speaker stand socket, wall bracket mount flange plate
· Enclosure suitable for stacking

Produkt: Monitor/FBT
Model: FBT/Evo Max 2A
Mærke: FBT